ASC Vocabulary Portal

Welcome to ASC’s vocabulary portal. This platform contains active terms and definitions that are applicable across all documents that support the certification framework as well as the MyASC platform for CABs. The portal will serve to facilitate a clearer understanding of ASC’s requirements and objectives in achieving environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. ASC will continually update the platform to reflect active terms across ASC’s systems.


The “Keyword Search” feature will search for terms that appear in the “Terms”, “Similar Terms” and “Definitions” columns. Results may be exported as a “CSV” file or for “Print”.

Document Status

Draft - Term is not yet final as the document is currently under development and/or in public consultation.

Published - Term is finalised and the document is publicly published on ASC's website.
Terms that are applicable to documents in draft status and published status will be listed as published.

ASC's vocabulary portal applies to the following:

- ASC Question for Interpretation Procedure V 1.0
- ASC Programme Development and Revision Procedure V 3.0
- ASC Variance Request Procedure V 2.1

- ASC Feed Standard V 1.01 
- ASC Shrimp Standard V 1.2.1

- ASC Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) Farm V 1.0.1
- ASC Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) Feed V 1.0.1
- ASC Requirements of the Unit of Certification (RUoC) Farm V 1.0.1
- ASC Requirements of the Unit of Certification (RUoC) Feed V 1.0.1

- MyASC platform
- Production Systems

For terms and definitions for documents not listed above, please refer to the glossaries within that specific document. For MSC Chain of Custody Standard Vocabulary, click here.

Last update: 05 April 2024